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Next-gen retail? It's here. See clothes come alive on diverse models, and curate your look with our AI-powered virtual try-on.
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Key Features

Fully Automated and Scalable
Skip the photo shoots – we integrate with any retailer, using any product image.
AI Garment Recognition
Our AI automatically detects garments and removes backgrounds for try-on.
Mix, Match, Layer, and Tuck
Experiment endless combinations.
Real-Time High Quality Renderings
Instantly generate high quality, photo-realistic images.

AI-Driven Image and Data Solutions

Our impact goes beyond the shopping experience. Revery AI offers image and data solutions that streamline backend processes for businesses.
Here’s how we can transform your business:
Recommendation Algorithm
Leverage our recommendations to complete existing outfits or discover entirely new looks.
Garment Tagging and Classification
Extracts type, color, material, etc. for smarter search and product discovery.
Garment Segmentation
We generate segmentation (e.g. sleeves, collars, etc.) to improve image processing workflows.
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Smart Shopping Assistant

Explore smarter, with our smart shopping assistant. It's powered by our proprietary recommendation algorithm, and combines cutting-edge language models with our massive fashion catalog.

A Smarter Way to Search
Can't find that perfect piece? Describe what you're envisioning or upload images, and our chatbot will curate suggestions and surface ideal matches.
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